Introduction of Postal Code System in Afghanistan

On February 19, 2011 a press conference was held at the MCIT conference hall for the purpose of introduction of Postal Code System in Afghanistan.

At the beginning, the postal code system was introduced in details to all participated journalists, MCIT Board of Authorities, and other concerned Postal Staff by H.E. Mr. Wahabuddin Sadaat Deputy Minister Finance and Administration of MCIT.

“The country is divided into 34 provinces and the postal code for all provinces starts from number 10 and ends at 43. Each province has two categories, namely, 34 cities and 381 districts/delivery zones. The postal code bears four digits, the first two digits indicate the provinces and the last two digits indicate the cities and districts delivery zones,” Said Mr. Sadaat.

He further added, city delivery zones starts from number 01 and ends at 50 by taking into consideration that the district delivery zones starts from number 51 and ends at 99. Provincial postal code includes city code and district code and each one has postmen delivery zones. In the near future, the postal administration of Afghanistan intends to increase the branch of this postal code into villages of all provinces.

It’s worth to mention that Universal Postal Union (UPU) has introduced Afghanistan Postal Code System through Circular No. 63 to all designated operators of UPU member countries on 21 March 2011. It has to be mentioned that, for the first time, this postal code has been prepared by postal administration of Afghanistan and confirmed by universal postal union.

At the end of this press conference, questions raised by the participants and were answered by authorized officials and officially closed up.