Ten major Internet service providers to join the National Internet Exchange of Afghanistan (NIXA)

The acting director of the Information Security directorate of MCIT Mohammad Zahid Stanekzai, headed a joint meeting with Manager of NIXA Project Abdul Majid Yama and the representatives of the top ten ISP Companies on Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

During the meeting, the ten ISP officials expressed their interest to joining the National Internet Exchange of Afghanistan (NIXA) Project.

The acting director of Information Security department who is responsible for managing the project provided detailed information on the role and importance of this system in terms of price reductions and speeding up Internet access.

Afterward, ISP officials put up their questions about the security of information and communication, to which the required answers were provided by Zahid Stanekzai.

Subsequently, ISP officials pledged to join the National Internet Exchange Project after signing a bilateral agreement in order to provide better service to citizens through the benefits of this system.