Periodic meeting with the officials of the Asan Khedmat administration

Shahzad Aryobee acting minister of MCIT presided a meeting, which was held with Asan Khedmat officials on Sunday, October 8, 2017. The meeting was set up in order to ensure the transparency, delivering quality and effective service.  

At the beginning the authorities of the Asan Khedmat administration provided a detailed report of their achievements and activities to the minister of MCIT, and then head of the Asan Khedmat administration Abdulhadi Zahein, briefed the meeting in terms of the work done over the last 6 months in the field of online passport, the construction of a new center for revenues, the salary project by Mobile and more.

Subsequently, the Minister Shahzad Aryobee emphasized on the completion of the above-mentioned projects as soon as possible and directed the relevant authorities in this regard.