Eng. Syed Ahmad Shah Sadat chairs a meeting on duties and responsibilities of MCIT

Acting Minister of Communications and Information Technology Eng. Syed Ahmad shah Sadaat presided over a meeting which was held on the duties and responsibilities in the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology on Tuesday (July 10, 2017). The meeting was attended by heads and advisors of the MCIT.

First, the achievements of the ministry in the last decade were debated, and then the minister Sadaat once again emphasized that we are moving Afghanistan towards digitization, and we need to find practical ways to achieve this goal.

Attracting Assistance, providing education facilities in the field of telecommunications and information technology, creating opportunities for private investment, creating job opportunities for professionals, modernization Post services, sharing infrastructures, and transformation of Afghanistan as a data hub... were the other  discussed issues.
Subsequently, parliament representatives   shared their views and pledged to do all out their efforts to achieve these goals.