Environment and Social Safeguard Specialist


The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

has received Project Grant/Fund from the World Bank for execution of Digital CASA Afghanistan Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds to hire a qualified Individual Consultant to provide Consultancy Support the project on implementation of   Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF)  and to carry out relevant Capacity Building in MCIT.

This Consultancy Support will be provided to MCIT at Kabul, under the Project Grant of Digital CASA Afghanistan Project.

This Consultancy Support will be provided to MCIT at Kabul, under the Project Fund of Digital CASA Afghanistan Project.

The aim of the Digital CASA Afghanistan Project is:  (i) to expand and strengthen the Regional and National level broadband connectivity based on Optical Fiber Networks; (ii) to boost up digital society and economy through e-Governance initiatives and (iii) to prepare an enabling environment and Regulation for the growth of ICT Sector in Afghanistan.  The project will do so by: (a) expansion and strengthening of broadband connectivity in Central Asia and South Asia Region; (b) expansion and strengthening of national broadband connectivity in Afghanistan; (c) Commissioning of a Network called “Govnet” to connect most of the Government Offices at Central and Provincial Government levels; (d) Automation of citizen-centric services through e-Governance initiatives; (e) Automation of e-Governance mechanisms and strengthening of e-Delivery Platforms; (f) framing up of Regulations, Policies, Strategies and Policies for growth of ICT Sector.

To contribute towards achievement of some of the above-mentioned objectives of Digital CASA Afghanistan Project, MCIT has decided to avail the consultancy services of an Individual Consultant to work as Environment and Social Safeguard Specialist.

Objectives of the Assignment:

The Environment & Social Safeguards Specialist shall be responsible for: a) being be able to fulfill the duties and mainstreaming Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) b) identify the potential environment and social safeguards issues within the project activities; b) provide technical assistance on mitigation strategies for the potential negative environment and social impact; c) identify training needs at different levels of Digital CASA project and of clients ( on continuous basis) training of project staff, and training/awareness raising of clients and advising on how to fulfil the ESMF and RPF and Citizen Engagement requirements; d) Coordinating environmental and social commitments and initiatives with relevant government agencies.


Job Details


COUNTRY:                                      Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

IMPLEMENTING AGENCY:             Ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT)

NAME OF THE PROJECT:              Digital CASA Afghanistan Project

SECTOR:                                         Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

CONSULTING SERVICES:              Environment and Social Safeguard Specialist

CONTRACT TYPE:                          Individual Consultancy Contract Time based


DUTY STATION:                               Kabul, Afghanistan


WORLD BANK GRANT NO:            TF0A2907

PROJECT ID NO:                             [P-156894]

Announce Date:                                1-2-2018

Expired Date:                                    1-11-2018


Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensure that the project activities follow the guidelines of the ESMF and to act to mainstream the provisions of ESMF and RPF into overall project operations

• Prepare an environmental and social screening list through field observations in order to identify the potential environment and social safeguards (ESS) issues and prepare a schematic diagram/base map of each scheme and mark the socio-environmental features of the scheme on the diagram;

• Prepare the site-specific ESMPs based on environmental and social screening survey and field observations considering the ESMF guidelines, the ESMP will include Environmental Monitoring Management Plan (EMMP);

• Conduct consultative meetings with relevant stakeholders to discuss site-specific environmental and social issues of the sub-project and get feedback from the participants to refine the ESMP and EMMP;

• Guided by the EMPP, conduct environmental and social monitoring of the sub-project in association with engineering staff and ensure the implementation of recommendations prescribed in the ESMP

• To provide technical assistance to clients on mitigation strategies and requirements for the potential negative environment and social impacts.

• Provide training to Digital CASA Project’s staff on overall ESMF and RPF trainings and awareness raising of contractors on their immediate requirements to ensure compliance with ESMF and RPF 

• Support the project team on implementation of Citizen Engagement mechanisms and ensure the delivery of satisfaction surveys with the level of affordability and reliability of services

• Prepare the Grievance Redress Mechanism and manual which will include the grievance handling procedures, channels, grievance database in order to ensure that all registered complains are addressed properly;  

• Prepare Grievance Redress Mechanism training manual which to be translated and disclosed among the project staff and project beneficiaries and establish functional GRM system 

• Conduct training and awareness raising of the project staff and contractors on GRM utilization and functionally

• Prepare safeguard training plan which will cover the social safeguard, environmental, GRM aspects

• Ensure that the land acquisitions approaches are in full compliance with project ESMF and PRF and ensure proper recoding of land documents and prepare abbreviated Resettlement Action Plan if required;

• Conduct a cross-checking and vetting of specification conflicts, tender, and contract documents, making them suitably orientated towards the social needs of the residents in the area;

• Help strengthen capacity for managing Environmental and Social concerns of the relevant staff and the contractors working with Digital CASA project

• Develop safeguards reporting formats and maintaining environmental and social records on established formats.

• Develop and submit the environmental and social monitoring reports to project director on monthly basis; which to be reflected in the progress report to the World Bank 

• Any other Task Assigned by Project Implementation Director of Digital CASA Afghanistan Project.

Qualifications Requirements:


·         University degree in the Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences or Social Development from a                    recognized university. A master degree in one of the mentioned fields will be preferred.

·         Good knowledge of computer packages, including MS Power Point, MS Word and Ms Excel is required.

·         Full working knowledge (in writing and orally) of English and Pashto and/or Dari


b) Experience:

·         Five years of relevant professional experience in a government, NGO/donor agency or International Agency context, including                    experience working in the field;

·         At least one of year experience with community mobilization activities and empowerment of local actors;

·         Proven capacity to organize training activities in the field and to coordinate with implementing partners;


c) Competencies:       

·      Good written and verbal communication skills.  Experience delivering trainings would be an advantage;

·      Good knowledge of community mobilization techniques and demonstrated facilitation skills are essential;

·      Strong analytical and management skills;

·      Well organized and results oriented, ability to work under minimal supervision;

·      Proactive, able to take initiative and ensure adequate and rapid follow-up actions;

·      Strong inter-personal skills and ability to coordinate activities with a diverse set of stakeholders;

·      Ability to communicate effectively;

·      Ability to work in difficult conditions and spending extensive time in the field;

·      Ability to work under time pressure and effectively meet deadlines


The Consultant should submit weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to the Project Director (PIU) of the World Bank funded Digital CASA Project.

Payment schedules:

The Consultant will be paid on monthly basis, after submission of his monthly Invoice, the Attendance/Activity Sheet of the month and brief Report, all in English and in any one local language(Pashtu or Dari), duly approved by the Project Director (PIU)  of the World Bank funded Project. Payments will be made within one month after receiving the approved documents.

Support that will be given to the Consultant at Kabul:

 MCIT shall provide the following support:

·  A suitable working space inside the MCIT Complex.

·  Internet connectivity in Office.

Submission Guideline

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) now invites eligible Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested Consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (CV, Description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions and availability of appropriate skills etc.).
A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (January, 2011 edition).

Interested Consultants may also obtain further information (if required) at the address given below, during office hours from 0800 to 04:00 hours:
Digital CASA Project, Ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT)
Mohammad Jan Khan Watt; Kabul, Afghanistan
Web site: www.mcit.gov.af

Expressions of interest, including detailed Resumes must be delivered (by E-Mails) by
11january, 2018, to the E-Mail IDs as given below:

Submission Email