Internal Control /Audit Advisor

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Internal Control /Audit Advisor

Minister Office

Government Service Contract (National)-NTA

As per NTA salary Scale

Kabul, Afghanistan

10 Oct 2017

20 Oct 2017

Organization Context:

The Mandate of Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT) are to Provide high Quality Communication, IT and Postal Services for the Afghan People at Affordable prices. The Ministry has been Actively Advocating for a Positive change in the Society by Connecting the Afghan People to Knowledge and Resources, which will enable them to Improve the quality of their lives. The Afghan Government aims to establish a stable and Democratic Political Environment, rule of law, and a Favorable Regulatory Environment for Business.

Vision :

The vision of the Ministry of Communication and IT is to transform Afghanistan into technology Information Society.

Priorities of MCIT:

·         To deliver the Telecom and IT services to remote areas throughout the country 

·         To supply high speed internet to the people in Afghanistan 

·         To design, develop and deploy the technical platform of the National Identity Card (NID) and provide ide technical assistance to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on the successful implementation of project"

·         To extend the fiber optic network in the country 

·         To replace the existing analogue television (TV) broadcasting systems by digital TV broadcasting systems in the country and tighten regulations for broadcasting companies 

·         To enhance the capacity of the Afghan government by introducing the concept of e-Government and encourage all the ministries to integrate ICT within their main work 


Functions / Key Results Expected:

The Audit Advisor will be responsible for overall assistance in audit advisory role in operational, financial and legislative areas. The Audit Advisor will provide advices on the better and transparent processes of procurement, procurement, financial etc internally at the Ministry.

Audit Advisor will be working with audit directorate staff members under the guidance of the Minister. She/he shall report to report to the Minister.

Scope of Work:

The major tasks and responsibilities that will be carried out by the Audit Advisor are as follow:

·         Develop and implement an annual audit plan to ensure that the organization complies with financial and statutory regulations and standards. Develop a standard internal audit manual for the Ministry.

·         Develop a risk base internal audit plan for the ministry. Develop all necessary internal controls to ensure that financial systems operate effectively and to identify potential problems.

·         Asses and report on present technical capacity of the internal audit department and scope of audit operation within Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

·         Develop standard audit systems for: Audit of financials, Audit of procurement, Audit of Human Resources, Audit of General Services, Audit of property management etc.

·         Develop and training and Capacity building program for internal auditors in the areas of Audit manual preparation, Risk base audit plan preparation, Standardize field work, Audit procedures, Audit Sampling and other means of testing , Audit working papers, compliance sheets , checklists, questionnaires, Audit evidence, Standard report preparation, Follow up system and Audit documentation, Information technology audit.

·         Develop/review/revise the MCIT anti-corruption strategy in consultation with MCIT Audit Directorate and other relevant sections;

·         Develop/review the MCIT internal control plan and ensure its implementation at all level. Develop/review internal control tools and train relevant staff members;

·         Review all cases report prepared by audit directorate’s auditing teams and provide report to the Minister. Provide recommendations and advice to the Minister on cases’ reports prepared by auditors;

·         Provide reports on the fraud cases received from judiciary and law enforcement agencies – the number, the case main topic, the action taken by the MCIT relevant directorate or units, and the final status - to the Minister;

·         Represent, if required, the Minister/ministry in those meetings related to audit or anti-corruption events;

·         Conduct Vulnerability to Corruption Assessment of finance; procurement; human resource and other auditable departments, sections and related entities of the MCIT;

·         Develop/prepare early warning system based on the V2C assessment to the leadership and other relevant units/sections of the MCIT;

·         Revise/update her/his Terms of Reference based on guidance and order of the Minister

·         Conduct any other task assigned by the Minister;




Recruitment Qualifications:

Competencies and Required Qualities:

  • Have a good knowledge of Afghanistan laws and regulations;
  • Ability to taking the required decisions, planning and finding solutions for various problems and challenges.
  • Deep knowledge and experience of Internal Audit & Risk Consulting.
  • Great communication skills, verbal as well as written. An ability to communicate concisely and effectively with external, as well as internal stakeholders
  • Team management and client relationship management skills
  • Strong problem solving skills with the ability to understand a client problem and tailor a solution right for the client
  • Familiar with the quality, risk management and financial management.
  • Demonstrated experience and understanding of effective auditing methodology


  • Master’s or Bachelor degree in Public /Business Administration, law, Economics, or other related fields.
  • Minimum of 6 years of relevant professional experience with Master Degree and at least 10 years relevant working experience with bachelor degree is required.
  • Diploma/ Certification in in the field of audit /internal control management is an asset.

Submission of applications:

Interested of afghan nationals should submit their updated application comprises your CV and a non-page cover letter explaining your interest and suitability for the advertised position.


Human resource directorate

Ministry of communication and information technology.




Females are highly encouraged to apply.

The vacancy announcement is open only for Afghan national(s) applicants.