Chief Information Officer (CIO)



MCIT would establish An E-Government Resource Centre (EGRC) in the premises of MCIT to be the center of excellence in E-Government in the country and to be the source of technical expertise and skills, advice and guidance for development and deployment of E-Government in the agencies and departments of the GIRoA.  The proposed E-Government Resource Centre will assist in the development of National E-Government Information Management and Data Standards and policies within the framework of the already developed e-GIF (E-Gov Interoperability Framework) and e-Government Strategic Master Plan. The proposed center will provide guidance, advice and technical expertise to GIRoA for design and development of the E-Government program as a whole and for specific projects within it.  The Centre will also provide services to donor supported projects and other agencies of the government at the central and provincial levels in the development and deployment of ICT for governance and development including training and capacity building in the agencies and in the development and implementation of E-Government projects in various application areas. As it is apparent that huge number of projects are being designed and implemented by donor organizations directly, which include the ICT module in it, the EGRC will have a unit tasked to monitor such projects by liaising with donor organization and also monitoring their websites and bilateral agreements with the Ministry of Finance of GIRoA. EGRC will also deploy CIOs in 10 Ministries for the first phase of the project, which will report on the ICT deployments in these organizations on time to time bases; this will insure the implementation of common ICT policies and platforms throughout the government sector. MCIT will arrange MoUs with donor organizations, which will enable the EGRC to carry forward the coordination tasks in this area.

Services to be rendered by the proposed E-Government Resource Centre can be classified into the following major categories:

  1. E-Government Consulting and Advisory Services
  2. E- Government Human Resource Capacity Development
  3. E-GIF Implementation and IT standardization Services
  4. IT and e-Gov Audit


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