Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of Afghan Telecom Corporation





Position Title: Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of Afghan Telecom Corporation

Reports to: Board of Directors





Afghan Telecom Corporation was incorporated in 24 September 2005 to provide unified telecommunication services throughout Afghanistan under the stewardship of Ministry of Communications & Information Technology. Current service structure includes wireless, 4G/LTE, fiber optics, copper and satellite operations.

Accordingly, Afghan Telecom adopted a challenging program aiming to transform its business from government system to the recognized commercial business standards. The company has developed clear strategies focusing on internal re-organization, re-skilling and development of its staff, enhancement of its internal processes and studying its customers' needs and requirements while continuing carrying out its national and social duties and responsibilities. Afghan Telecom Corporation is the leading national provider of telecommunication services in Afghanistan. The company is working continuously to fulfill and satisfy the market requirements, keeping pace with the emerging technologies in the telecommunications sector and satisfying the customer's needs. Afghan Telecom Corporation understands that the world is changing very fast & rapid and telecommunication is the only medium which can adapt to the changing times. Afghan Telecom is the pioneer in implementing new telecommunication services in Afghanistan & a leader in the Afghanistan telecommunication market. The role & use of telecommunications is significant for the development of the people & the country. Believing in the importance of its customers and fulfillment of their needs, Afghan Telecom Corporation is constantly adopting different Strategies that aim to support and re-enforce its competitive position. Based on its strategy, Afghan Telecom strives to enhance customer- oriented culture in all its business aspects & modus - operandi. This culture has been reflected in the organizational design of the company that comprises the best expertise in the Management level, a number of Functional Departments and Four Key Business development & Sales Units focused on the Key Afghan Telecom Customer Categories & sale points which are:


1.      Teleshops sale points

2.      Key Account - Corporate sale points

3.      Individual sale points

4.      Dealers sale points


In the last two years, Afghan Telecom has gone beyond its local borders to the international markets, forming a network of businesses to international carriers with the OFC backbone with the total project length 3,100 Km in Afghanistan. Currently interconnected with neighboring Countries Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan with its National Optical Fiber and working to connect Turkmenistan in near future.



As the Afghan Telecom is a firm with the strong involvement of the government, the strategic aim is to create a viable business organization able to make profits and operate as a corporate entity. In order to have predicted achievement of Afghan Telecom targets, MCIT/Afghan Telecom is seeking for a qualified and experienced CEO.  




a)     Providing overall leadership and vision in developing, in concert with the Board of Directors, the Company's vision, strategic direction, the Company’s values and business plans necessary to realize corporate objectives.


b)     Review the financial and operational conditions of the AFTEL, maintain profitable operation and recommend viable alternatives for cost effective operations.


c)     Develop and execute efficient and robust waste and corruption prevention mechanisms to ensure transparency, good governance and accountability of the company.


d)     Drive innovation to become a leading telecom company of the region, managing the overall business to ensure that strategic and business plans are effectively implemented within the authority limitations delegated by the Board.


e)     Ensuring that the results are monitored and reported to the Board, and that financial and operational objectives are attained.


f)      Managing the business to create sustainable long-term shareholder value, and ensuring the identification and communication to the Board of all material risks along with mitigation plans and procedures.


g)     Develop and recommend strategic plans to the Board that ensures the Company's profitable growth and overall success. This includes updating and making changes as required, and involving the Board in the early stages of developing strategy.


h)     Successfully implement the corresponding business and operational plans. Review and report regularly to the Board on the overall progress and results against operational and financial objectives and initiate courses of action for improvement. This should include identification of future opportunities and threats.


i)       Substantially improve the quality of the service, update on the changing market scenarios and recommend and implement appropriate marketing and promotional approaches.


j)       Develop mechanisms for sharing the AFTEL infrastructure with other service provider companies at a reasonable cost.


k)     Develop annual operating forecasts of revenue, expenditures, operational results and financial performance and ensure financial growth of the company.


l)       Prepare a feasible strategy for privatization of Afghan Telecom.


m)   Ensure that high quality and uninterrupted ICT services are provided at all time in the country.


n)     Develop annual capital commitment and expenditure budgets for approval by the Board.


o)     Authorize commitment of corporate resources. Enter into agreements, contracts, leases, etc. in the ordinary course of business, in order to pursue the approved strategies, business plans, and objectives of the Company, provided however, that major commitments, exposures, and risks will be reported to the Board on a regular and timely basis.


p)     Develop and maintain a professional, efficient, lean, uninflated and sound organizational structure and HR systems, and ensure capable management succession, performance management systems, progressive employee training, employee motivation and development programs.


q)     Ensure that effective communications and appropriate relationships are maintained with the shareholders of the Company and other stakeholders such as customers, industry, employees, the financial community, regulators, governments, non-government organizations, suppliers, media and communities in which AFTEL operates.


r)      Manage and oversee the required interactions between the Company and the public and act as the principal spokesperson for the Company.


s)      Keep the Board fully informed on all aspects of the Company's operational and financial affairs, and on all matters of significant relevance to the Company including those items emanating from the government and regulators on issues such as fiscal, monetary and environment policies, legislation affecting operations and regulating oversight, etc.


t)       Authorize and ensure that effective control and co-ordination mechanisms for all operations and activities are in place including the establishment and development of effective internal controls over financial reporting.


u)     Ensure the Company's assets are adequately safeguarded and optimized in the best interests of the shareholders.


v)     Maintain a high level of integrity, work ethics and Corporate Governance standards.


w)   Ensure that employees have their responsibilities and authorities clearly established.


x)     Establish effective control and co-ordination mechanisms for all operations and activities. Ensure the integrity of the internal control and management systems.


y)     Ensure that all reporting requirements to the Province are met in a timely and appropriate manner.


z)     Obtain Board approval prior to acceptance of significant public service commitments and/or outside Board appointments.




Performance Focus, Managing Change, Teamwork, Communication, Vision, Leadership, Market/Customer Orientation, Risk Management, Commercial & Financial Orientation, and Corporate Social Responsibility.




CEO will be appointed for a maximum period of four years. BoD of Afghan telecom will monitor Performance of CEO every six months and will give feedback to improve performance. Evaluation Of performance will be done annually based on the progresses and the targets achieved. Based on the performance of the last one year, incentive for the next year will be fixed.


In the event of BoD being convinced that the performance of CEO during a period of time is not satisfactory and he/she has failed to achieve the agreed performance targets, he/she will be relieved from the duty at any time as per the terms of performance contract.


This decision will be based on the objective evaluation of CEO's performance. CEO will be given an opportunity to defend him/her.






Minimum of MBA with preference for Master of Telecommunication from a recognized university. 


 II.               EXPERIENCE:


At least 15 years of working experience with minimum of 8 years at the senior executive level (an executive position: CEO, Executive Director, Managing Director, President) in any national or international level telecom company.


Extensive people management in a commercial setting. Demonstrated ability to manage multi-million budgets and increasing and maintaining top-line growth in the competitive environment.


III.            AGE LIMIT:


The CEO must be minimum 40 years of age on the closing date of the submission of applications.




1.      No affiliation with any political parties (a self-declaration note is needed)

2.      Comprehensive knowledge about telecom sector with know-how to analyze the market for investment.

3.      Recognition for high professional value and integrity

4.      A good track record of past performance in leadership role

5.      Not having been convicted by the court on any criminal charge and not blacklisted by any telecom and Financial Institution in the past.

6.      Must not be disqualified by the prevailing laws, rules and regulations of the country.




CEO must submit its report to BoD about the details of the activities, progress, team, products, problems, help needed, approvals, risks, success, failures,  investment, achievements and financial position carried out. CEO shall prepare and submit following reports:


·        CEO Business Reports – The CEO Business report shall be prepared covering the following and submitted to the BoD in each Board Meeting. However such report shall not be prepared for the period covering less than 1 month.


o   Company growth and market share outlook

o   Products R&D

o   Business performance

o   Operation Risk Management

o   Strategic Change Management

o   Human Resources Management

o   Legal and Compliance

o   Corporate Affairs (Public Relations)


·        Trimester Progress Reports – The trimester progress reports shall be submitted in the BoD meeting held immediately after completion of each trimester.

·        Half yearly Progress Report: The half yearly progress report shall be a comprehensive report of budget vs. actual performance and shall be submitted in the board meeting held immediately after the half year end.

·        Yearly Progress Reports – The yearly progress report shall be submitted within one month of finishing each year to board.


These trimester, half yearly and yearly reports shall cover, but not limited to, the following:


Ø  Financial position of the Company

Ø  Corporate and functional level strategy development

Ø  Investment in consideration to industry growth and competitive position

Ø  Project by project analysis with lesson learnt from each investment pattern

Ø  Planned targets and achievements in each activities,




The remuneration package, including facilities, to CEO for his/her services shall be as mentioned in the contract made after negotiation in the financial offer to the selected candidate. This package will be based on Afghan telecom policies.

However, the incentive of the CEO will be based on the annual performance evaluation made by the BoD. The performance of the CEO will be done based on the progresses and the targets achieved.


No additional facilities other than specifically stated in the contract shall be provided. CEO, once employed by Afghan Telecom under such contract, will not be allowed to work outside for his personal benefit. CEO can enjoy leave not more than 24 days, in a year, except public holidays.


Deductions will be made for the days absent beyond the agreed limit.




The selection procedures will be as follows:


The BoD shall be responsible for planning and executing the procedures for the selection of the CEO.


Prospective candidates may obtain a copy of the Terms of Reference (ToR) from the AFTEL main office or may download it from AfTEL website.


Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of the Qualification and experience.


Announce date: 21/08/2017

Closing date: 04/09/2017

Candidates must email their CV and other documents to human resource directorate of MCIT official email:, cc to:,

Contact Number: 0202106350



Note: The educational documents of applicants applying for this position must be attested by the Ministry of Higher Education.